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Stained Glass Decorating Tips

1. Before a Window
The easiest and most obvious way to decorate with stained glass is to display the piece in front of a window. Ideally, this should be a large, uncurtained picture or bay window where there is plenty of light coming in and little chance of the glass being hidden or, worse, knocked about. Smaller stained glass pieces often come on chains or cords for hanging; larger pieces can be propped up against the window or set into plate stands Glass Backsplash Tiles

2. Replacing a Window
For homeowners who can afford it, a stained glass panel can actually be inserted into a window frame to replace the clear glass; a stained glass window looks especially nice in an entrance door. This is a project that most likely needs to be undertaken by professional carpenters or window specialists. Modern insulated windows may not accommodate such a panel, so one has to do some investigating to see if inserting stained glass into an existing window can be done. It may be necessary to change out the window itself if this is desired Glass Floor Tiles

3. As a Window Transom
It may not be feasible to replace an actual window, but installing a window transom is a wonderful way to use a stained glass piece. A transom is an additional smaller window above a door or serviceable window. The transom brings extra light into a room and adds aesthetic appeal; additionally, some transoms (particularly on internal walls) open on hinges for ventilation. Adding a stained glass transom is a perfect way to keep the panel safe while still highlighting it to maximum effect Decorative mirrors

4. In Cabinet Doors
Solid wood cabinet doors can be cut out to allow a stained glass panel to be inserted. First, unscrew the cabinet doors from the cabinets. Next, have a woodworker cut a slot for the glass panel to sit in. Finally, insert the stained glass into the space. Without a light source from behind, the glass will be relatively opaque if hiding clutter is a priority. Otherwise, setting small flameless tealights on shelves inside the cabinets can highlight the beauty of the glass Glass Balustrade

5. On a Shelf
Another way to display stained glass in a room is to set it on a special shelf. Plate shelves are designed with grooves cut into them so that plates can be safely propped up against the wall. These shelves can be used for small stained glass panels as well. Simply place the panels on the shelf and add tealights (preferably battery-operated LEDs) behind them Glass Panel

6. Over a Lamp
Because stained glass is shown to best effect with strong lighting, it makes sense that stained glass lamps are an ideal way to incorporate stained glass into a home. A glass shade is lit by a bright lightbulb and adds a colorful glow to any room Glass Pool Fences

7. Stained Glass Vases
Less common than lamps, stained glass vases are another relatively inexpensive and easy way to use stained glass to decorate an interior. A vase can be lit with a candle from inside, which throws flickers of rainbow lights into a room. Battery-operated candles are an even better option, since there is no danger of wax dripping into the vase, which can be difficult to remove 
Replacement Window Styles

Important Tips for Choosing Glass Tiles for a Kitchen Backsplash

Important Tips for Choosing Glass Tiles for a Kitchen Backsplash

1. Shine some light on the subject
While any glass is good for small and dark kitchens, you want to give special consideration as to your choice for a small and dark kitchen. Opt for a bright color that will keep the space open, for example, if you prefer earth tones for a kitchen, avoid dark browns and russet reds and choose light tans and even shades of orange and yellow. If you have a modern design in your kitchen, choose a shade like turquoise or sea foam. If you’re unsure of the right shade, opt for bright white, but avoid any dark color for a dark and small kitchen shower glass
It’s also good to choose large tiles and even large sections of glass for the backsplash of a small and dark kitchen. This is because smaller tiles may look too busy in the room whereas large tiles or large sections of glass can make a small wall seem longer or larger Frameless Glass Shower Doors

2. Go mosaic for a DIY route
If you want to install glass for a backsplash yourself, look for mosaic tiles. These are glued to a mesh backing that makes it easy to install large sections at one time. You’ll be less likely to install the tiles crooked or off-center when you choose mosaic tiles for self-installation. Any larger tile section will be easier for the person who wants to do it themselves.
If you don’t want to opt for mosaic, choose large glass sections rather than small individual tiles. You’ll need to cut fewer tiles and it will be easier to ensure they’re level when you install large sections rather than small tiles frameless glass shower

3. Cater to your budget
If you’re on a very tight budget, opt for some cheaper tiles that you work in with the glass. Ceramic is usually more affordable than glass, and you might choose to put one large ceramic tile in the middle of the backsplash and then surround it with glass. This can give you the look of reflective and bright glass while saving money. Contact a glass repair specialist to learn which types of tiles will stay strong while staying cheap Glass Shower Enclosures

7 Tips on Selecting a Decorative Leaded Glass Window

7 Tips on Selecting a Decorative Leaded Glass Window

Tip 1: Identify the benefits you’d like to get from the installation of a leaded glass window. Most people choose to replace existing windows with decorative glass varieties to improve not only the look but also functionality. The most common benefits this window replacement confers are increased privacy, improved energy efficiency and operability, and an enhancement of your home's architectural style Architectural Glass Doors

Tip 2: Select a room. Because leaded glass windows add a stylish touch, you’ll want to use them in a highly visible place. Popular locations include bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, studies or dens, and foyers or entry ways Decorative Glass

Tip 3: Choose a shape. Will you be installing this window in a small or large space? A small oval window might suit a half-bathroom or powder room, while an architectural window would be better suited for the master bathroom. Leaded glass windows are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including oval, octagonal, rectangular, and square Decorative Glass NYC

Tip 4: Consider fixed or an operable style. If the window is in a hard to reach place you’ll most likely want to choose a fixed (non-operable) style. Fixed windows are less costly while still adding style and increasing privacy (without the need for window treatments). If you desire operability (maybe for a kitchen to let smells out or for a bathroom to increase ventilation) select between a casement window or awning window Decorative Glass Windows

Tip 5: Identify a frame color that compliments other windows. Since these windows are made with an easy to install and maintain vinyl frame you’ll want to select the frame color that matches your other windows. Colors include white, tan, and driftwood  Glass Backsplash Tiles

Tip 6: Add your design. This is where the fun begins. The reason to use a leaded glass window is for the design -- and there a wide variety of architectural styles to choose from including floral, renaissance, craftsman, fluer-de-lis, geometric, and cathedral to name just a few Glass Balustrade

Tip 7: Perform your own installation or hire a replacement window installation contractor. Since these windows are made with vinyl frames they are as easy to install as any other replacement windows (the key will be to create the right sized rough opening to fit the leaded glass window)


Glass can be used within internal or external doors to allow light to transfer between spaces or different areas of a space tinted glass
According to BS 6262 all glazing deemed to be in a ‘critical location’ must be a safety glass. A safety glass is either toughened or laminated glass. When it comes to the glass door elements of a build, a ‘critical; area’ is anything between finished floor level and 1500mm above within the door and adjacent panels.
Therefore any glass in doors and adjacent panels should be toughened or laminated in order to comply with safety regulations toughened glass

Glass has been used in doors on commercial premises for many years but now Bi Fold Doors, Sliding Doors and large patio doors are all becoming a popular design aspect for residential design, especially to the rear of the house. These large glass doors help create the illusion of larger internal living areas, merging the internal space with the garden or patio area. Performance glazing such as solar control glass can be used to maintain comfortable internal temperatures when using large faces of glass within doors Sliding Glass Doors
For internal doors, or doors where no thermal or weather resistance is required a frameless, single glazed door is suitable. For external doors or doors separating two different climates it might be suitable to use a double or a triple glazed unit with the framing.

Where light transfer may be required but privacy wants to be maintained translucent coloured interlayers or sandblasted glass can be used to create a cloudy or frosted glass effect Glass Shelves

Fire Rated Glass can be used within doors to create a safe fire barrier whilst maintaining light transmission and vision through these fire retardant doors. Obviously the framing used for the fire rated glass will also need to have a fire resistance rating to match that required for the build but aluminium, steel or hardwood timber can all be used Glass Pool Fences

Architectural Glass Doors

Architectural Glass Doors

Architectural glass installation NY is glass employed as a structural aspect, as opposed to just decorative or inserted in gap in the wall for the sole objective of delivering light-weight and a way to see out. Hence architectural glass doors are doorways whereby the glass is an integral structural aspect of the door.

There are a lot of possibilities when picking glass for your architectural glass doors, despite the fact that it might be smart to decide on from security glass sorts, which consist of toughened, strengthened and laminated glasses.

Crown glass is the earliest type of glass window. It consisted of very hot blown glass compelled onto a spherical, flat sheet and reduce to dimensions. It was a extremely costly mode of manufacture and could not be employed to make huge panes.

It is not excellent for architectural glass installation NY programs, as it is not especially robust in comparison to more recent glass technologies. Also, it is costly. It is even now used for restoring outdated structures, nevertheless, as it has a exclusive look that cannot be obtained through any other approach.

Glass blocks or glass bricks are usually utilised as architectural glass in developing partitions and partitions, but are not best for doorways as they tend to be very thick and quite hefty. They could be employed for doorways, but this application is exceptional.

To make rolled plate glass, massive amounts of molten glass are thrown on the forged iron bed of a rolling table, and rolled like dough. It is then trimmed approximately even though hot and comfortable. 

Large Wall Mirrors Do Not Have To Be Boring - Go Custom

Large Wall Mirrors Do Not Have To Be Boring - Go Custom

Anyone can find large wall mirrors at the local department store or home improvement warehouse. With their basic wooden, metal, or manmade material frames, these are really nothing to write home about because they look rather boring. Rather than adding one of these nondescript items to the walls, consider a custom made mirror.

More than other sizes, large wall mirrors have the most impact on the design of the home or office. To make the impact even greater, use custom mirrors to adorn the walls. Crafted by hand from materials like metal, no two are the same. A shopper can rest assured that his or her mirror will be original, which means everyone else will want it!

Adding a wall mirror of a substantial size to the room creates a multi-dimensional appearance and can trick the eye into thinking even small rooms appear spacious. Mirrors also make the d├ęcor of the area appear more vibrant because they make use of the available light, whether it is natural or artificial. Observers will feel that they are looking at a newly decorated area each time they enter because the light effects vary.

Often, these custom made mirrors are able to be hung either horizontally or vertically. This makes them just as perfect when hung vertically in a hallway as they are hanging horizontally over a fireplace or sofa. Even the dining room is a candidate because this type of mirror looks great hanging horizontally near the dining room table. It reflects the light from the chandelier or candles, creating an additional glow.

Domestic Decorative Glass Panel Applications

Domestic Decorative Glass Panel Applications

There are many places in your home where you can use decorative glass panels. If you are planning to remodel your house, consider using cost effective panels in the following areas in your home:

Windows: Windows are a great place to use panels. They can not only give decorative effects but also privacy. Like shutters or drapers they also won't block natural light. The coloured versions can also brighten up your interiors.

Room divider: They can also be used as room dividers. Instead of placing a permanent wall as a divider, you can choose a design that blends in with the surrounding furnishings.

Fireplace screen: This is an excellent way to add a focal point to your interior. You can find specially made panels for fireplaces.

Doors: Give an old door new life by hanging a decorative glass panel.

Children's rooms: You can find many designs to use on windows and doors in children's rooms, with themes like sports, animals, and ballerinas available. You can find a variety of subjects and pictures and themes that suits kids of all ages and add some fun to their rooms. Arks, teddy bears and trains are common designs that are widely used on windows and doors in kid's rooms. This can give small children mental stimulation and provides them with something that they treasure and cherish forever.