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Glass shower doors with dashing designs are actually aimed at boosting the designer appearance of the bathroom environment. But glass shower doors by now have come a lot forward compared to what they used to be back in 50's or 60'. The main distinction between the glass shower doors of the former and current eras remain in the make and model. As opposed to their former counterparts, modern doors are usually made of tempered glass. To begin with, let’s get an overview of what a tempered glass is.
A glass becomes tempered when it has gone through special "heat treatment" during its manufacturing process. The heat treatment is however applied just after these glasses are removed from the burning furnace. The heat treatment is able to dramatically boost the durability and strength of the glass - and that’s how they become tempered. As for one instance, most tempered glasses are 400% stronger compared to regular glasses. Without cracking, they are able to withstand temperature differences as high as 300º F.
This makes these glass doors safer in shower environment since you’ll not have to worry about the hazard of glasses cracking or suddenly shattering (which may cause serious bodily injuries). So while you’re shopping for glass shower doors, check on the quality of the tempered glass that it is made of.

Glass shower doors
The standard cost of the glass door will be dictated a lot by the overall styling and design it comes with. For those who’re satisfied with basic transparent glass doors can get away with paying anything under $200. But for a bit fancier door, you might have to pay as much as $500 or beyond.
Fogged glass shower doors are generally more expensive compared to regular transparent doors. But once again, things do depend on what brand, style and design you’re eyeing on.
In fact, these doors are meant to serve you beyond basic functionalities. In fact, that’s the reason these doors come in various styling, which can improve the in general appearance of the shower area.

Glass Shower Door Options
Among your available options (and in addition to the glass’s being transparent or fogged), glass shower doors may also come in various trims. Good examples are silver, ivory, gold and chrome. For those who have got tiles in their shower area, a good idea would be to choose a styling that compliment’s the overall look and feel of tiles.
In addition, you may consider purchasing custom glass shower doors as well, which can be specially designed for matching with the general décor or environment of your bathroom. You may also get all-enclosed units that you can use along with a regular corner shower unit.

Another option is the European style doors. And etched glass doors can as well suit well with most shower areas. You may find ground-to-ceiling frameless doors, which create an extremely remarkable or original look to your shower area. And you may go for custom designed doors, which come with a slight tint on the glass for improving the overall color and looks of your bathroom.
Fortunately, cleaning or maintaining a glass shower door is simple. There are many cleaner solutions in the market these days. Pick one that comes with a light acid base, which is meant especially for glass shower doors. When your door gets white or hazy due to calcium or limes (that comes from the hard water) these spray cleaners are pretty handy. All you do is spray and leave for a couple of minutes. Then just wipe off!
Apart from the various styling available in glass shower doors, you may also find glass doors for special bath areas like spas and steam rooms. These modern homes are generally crafted to and have fashionably designed bathrooms.
Shower curtains are outdated now, shower doors and enclosures are in. Most newly furnished homes have them across the USA and Europe. They are stylish and come in a variety of shapes and designs to choose from.

About Glass Shower Doors
Glass doors can be rectangular, round, D shaped or angular. Most high quality shower doors are constructed of tempered safety glass along with anodized aluminium profiles for structural support.
Usually shower doors are put up against bathroom tiles, and can be brushed, aluminium, chrome or white finished in different sizes.
Once the shower door is installed, only a good shower system is needed to complete the shower.
The shower door makes the bathroom look well decorated and stylish. They don’t cost a lot but go a long way in enhancing the look of the bathroom. Finding the right shower door can take a while but its well worth the effort.