Glass Tables

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Add more texture that is fun, shapes that are unique, and colors that brighten the space of the room with the glass tables. We have seen many kinds of glass tables and we continue to admire looking at new designs that can truly fit any interior. The glass tables are so variable now; so many options to choose to match with the color scheme of the room, and the glass tables can be the best options to have at home, since they are transparent and can even reflect the color hues of the room.

Dining Glass Table

Glass Table

Dining table is not only necessary element of any dining room but also the most important part of its interior design. Dining table is usually placed in the center of the room and could be observed from every its part. That is why it must be perfect. One of the most amazing kinds of dining tables are glass top ones. Dining table with tempered glass top is very fashionable and durable both.

Etched Glass Tables

Glass Table

You can add your own sense of style to your brand new table with custom etching and inset coloring on the underside of the glass. This kind of table will give an incredibly appealing accent to the room.

Glass Tables

Glass Table

We all have seen glass tables but a table that is entirely made of glass, well that is something new. Had not it been for the colored outline the table could have been difficult to spot. Made of folded glass and painted beautifully into curves and curls, this coffee table does opt for an elegant addition to any room.

Glass Tables with Chipped Edge

Glass Table

There are quite enough types of edges you can choose from. Here are some of the most favorite and popular.

Flat Satin Edge

A satin edge is a decorative edging that creates an opaque finish for a more refined look.

Pencil Polished Edge

A pencil polished edge creates a rounded edge on the glass and provides a soft finish.

Beveled Edge

A beveled edge creates an angled edge along the perimeter of the glass for a high quality finish.

Chipped Polished Edge

A chipped polished edge provides a unique texture for an elegant look.

Waterfall Polished Edge

A waterfall polished edge resembles a cascading waterfall and provides a unique finish for those who want their table to stand out from the ordinary.

Glass Tables with Original Bases

Glass Table

A natural look of the base, a tree, will definitely make this table a part of the nature itself. Looks like a dream tree from one of your dreams of a fairy tale.

Glass Table

This luxurious glass table with an original base as a Greek column will transfer you to the old times of Greece, the time of God and Goddesses.

Glass Table

Hmm… Let me guess, is the base made of a rope? Ah, do not think so, actually. The legs are imitated to look like the table is standing on the thick and strong rope. A quite creative table.

Glass Table

Wow! What is this? Coffee tables attract attention and add comfort to room decorating, bringing unique textures and interesting design ideas into home interiors. There are many various, traditional and contemporary coffee tables on the market.  It is important to find the coffee table, which creates a focal point for your living room decorating or emphasizes other beautiful home furnishings, creating attractive, harmonious and bright family room or living room design.