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A neo-angle shower door is one of the most popular and simple, corner glass shower door configurations available.
In this video series, we aim to show you the before and after effects of installing a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom. It is luxury, spaciousness, and beauty, exemplified.

Shower Door Size Specifications

The width of a neo angle shower door can normally range between 22" (check your local code for a minimum width of a door for an entrance) and 36" is the maximum width due to the weight limits.
The height of the glass can range between the minimum size of your opening to maximum of 96". Standard height (most common maybe the better word) of a single glass shower door is 72". The maximum height of the door actually depends on the width as well and is closely related to the overall weight of the final product.
A fixed glass side panel (which the door hinges) exceeding 22” in width, or 84” in height, will require a header.