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What is a steam door?

A steam door is a glass door specifically designed for a steam room. Steam doors require special gasketing to prevent steam from escaping.

How is it different from a shower door?

  • Not all shower door manufacturers offer the water and steam tight door system required by steam rooms.
  • Steam doors are not completely airtight; they have a small gap at the bottom for ventilation. This does not allow steam to escape, since steam is lighter than air, and rises.
  • All steam doors must swing out.
When ordering, always specify "for steamroom" or "steamer", since many of these glass doors are also manufactured for other applications. Some steam doors have an adjustable/sliding jamb ( Holcam MX models) to correct out-of-square openings. Sliding glass doors are also available. See Alumax section. They also make tub height sliding doors to make that area a steam bath or steam/bath/shower. We have both sliding and hinged doors that can be set up in any size or arrangement for the front wall of your steam room. Commercial models are typically sized for wheelchair access. Additional fixed glass side panels are available for some steam doors.