A Great Shower Door Installation

A Great Shower Door Installation

If you do it the right way, there are few pleasures on earth better than a hot shower in a glass-encased shower stall. Of course, there's one thing that really is better than that - a hot shower in a shower stall encased in glass that you put there yourself. A shower door installation, for the DIY enthusiast, can be a very entertaining project to take up. It isn't that hard, but it does involve skill, patience, the use of the right tools and results that can simply look stunning. Stunning in the way that can make you feel good about yourself. So here's a little shower door installation guide for the first-time DIY enthusiast.

The first thing you need to do is to cut that track. You need to carefully measure the area inside the shower door, and use the measurement to cut the track. You can use a hack saw for it. If you really want straight edges, a miter box would be good idea.

You need to temporarily hold the track in place now. You need to place it on the bathtub or the shower area and then hold it in place with tape. Look for the side rails and slide them in place. You can use a plumb level to make sure that things are level.

Now you need to mount the jambs on either side of the curb. First mark the holes where they will go, and then remove the jambs and everything. You'll need to roll out the heavy equipment now. Get a 3/16 inch bit for you drill that is able to cut into a smooth surface like tile, and drill away. You only need to get plastic nail holders or wall holders that'll be able to hold screws now. You hammer them into the holes you've made, and you're set for the screwing in.