Getting Contemporary With Round Bathroom Mirrors

Getting Contemporary With Round Bathroom Mirrors

Homes with modern design elements tend to stray away from the traditional straight lines of countertops, tables, rugs, and frames. Adding rounded or asymmetrical aspects to the room truly give it a more contemporary feel. If this look is what you're hoping to achieve in your bathroom or vanity area, round bathroom mirrors are a great place to start - there are so many options available, so the room will still clearly be your own.

Off-center round bathroom mirrors not only shy from the traditional square or rectangular shape of mirrors, they also add the asymmetrical elements. These are simply a circular outer frame with a circular piece of mirrored glass placed somewhere just outside of the center. They are not very large, so one, two, or three of these can even be worked with to take up more wall space if desired.

Similarly, the oval option is also a great addition to any room. It is much more chic and looks gorgeous with a few flowers or other subtle designs hung around it. With no frame, these give the room a classy, simplistic appeal. With a frame, they provide many color choices. When decorations are hung around this mirror, there are so many options for the designer to get creative and make the room unique.