Stained Glass Decorating Tips

1. Before a Window
The easiest and most obvious way to decorate with stained glass is to display the piece in front of a window. Ideally, this should be a large, uncurtained picture or bay window where there is plenty of light coming in and little chance of the glass being hidden or, worse, knocked about. Smaller stained glass pieces often come on chains or cords for hanging; larger pieces can be propped up against the window or set into plate stands Glass Backsplash Tiles

2. Replacing a Window
For homeowners who can afford it, a stained glass panel can actually be inserted into a window frame to replace the clear glass; a stained glass window looks especially nice in an entrance door. This is a project that most likely needs to be undertaken by professional carpenters or window specialists. Modern insulated windows may not accommodate such a panel, so one has to do some investigating to see if inserting stained glass into an existing window can be done. It may be necessary to change out the window itself if this is desired Glass Floor Tiles

3. As a Window Transom
It may not be feasible to replace an actual window, but installing a window transom is a wonderful way to use a stained glass piece. A transom is an additional smaller window above a door or serviceable window. The transom brings extra light into a room and adds aesthetic appeal; additionally, some transoms (particularly on internal walls) open on hinges for ventilation. Adding a stained glass transom is a perfect way to keep the panel safe while still highlighting it to maximum effect Decorative mirrors

4. In Cabinet Doors
Solid wood cabinet doors can be cut out to allow a stained glass panel to be inserted. First, unscrew the cabinet doors from the cabinets. Next, have a woodworker cut a slot for the glass panel to sit in. Finally, insert the stained glass into the space. Without a light source from behind, the glass will be relatively opaque if hiding clutter is a priority. Otherwise, setting small flameless tealights on shelves inside the cabinets can highlight the beauty of the glass Glass Balustrade

5. On a Shelf
Another way to display stained glass in a room is to set it on a special shelf. Plate shelves are designed with grooves cut into them so that plates can be safely propped up against the wall. These shelves can be used for small stained glass panels as well. Simply place the panels on the shelf and add tealights (preferably battery-operated LEDs) behind them Glass Panel

6. Over a Lamp
Because stained glass is shown to best effect with strong lighting, it makes sense that stained glass lamps are an ideal way to incorporate stained glass into a home. A glass shade is lit by a bright lightbulb and adds a colorful glow to any room Glass Pool Fences

7. Stained Glass Vases
Less common than lamps, stained glass vases are another relatively inexpensive and easy way to use stained glass to decorate an interior. A vase can be lit with a candle from inside, which throws flickers of rainbow lights into a room. Battery-operated candles are an even better option, since there is no danger of wax dripping into the vase, which can be difficult to remove 
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