People Are Talking
It’s always nice to receive feedback for job well done. We stand by all of our products and are proud that the level of service we provide our customers prompts a positive response not only to us but with recommendations to their friends & families.
Here’s a selection of emails and letters that we’ve received from our happy customers.
“I called two other local companies they came to measure but they were very rude took long time to get back with quote and i had to call to remind them to call me back. Found ABC glass and decided to give them a call and after the first call was very impressed withe the way they treated me very nice and friendly over the phone and when they came to measure. Very good experience everything was smooth and as promised. Company was  very helpful and gave very detailed descriptions. Will definitely use again in the future.”
-Andy, Jerset City, NJ
“This is a super professional operation. Their tIming/turnaround was excellent and the quality was superb. I really couldn’t be happier with the results.”
- Leslie, New York, NY
“After taking extensive measurements of my doorway with several instruments (in contrast to Rusal Construction’s tool which consisted of only a tape measure), he gave me the realistic (but sad) assessment that the door I had purchased was mismeasured and does not fit in my doorway. More importantly, he explained to me the various considerations in measuring a door and pointed out that the previous vendor had completely failed to account for the angle of my doorway when measuring and cutting the glass.
He promptly followed up his visit with a quote that very night. The quote was reasonably priced. I have full confidence in David and hope that I can resolve my issues with the previous vendor quickly so that I can move forward with them.”

- Gennie, Darien, CT
“They were wonderful, they were very prompt to respond to emails and they came out to quote and said they would send the quote along with a drawing later that day which they did. I went back to them to see if there was potentially any room to shave off of the price and they were accommodating with that. They were very professional and easy to deal with and reliable. They called when they said they would and came when they said they would. I want to get them out so they can do the job! I spoke with David and Stephen and they were both equally great and attentive!”
- Adam, Jersey City, NJ
“excellent customer service and follow up. The repairmen came on time and did a beautiful job of replacing my old shower door hinges, and door gaskets. Now the shower door swings perfectly and no longer leaks.”
- David, Brooklyn, NY
“Steve the Owner came to evaluation situation, was very knowledgeable in his profession and took measurements of all work to be performed and sent over pricing via email. The installation went smoothly with his workers being professional making sure to notify us of all situations with clear and accurate details did a beautiful and clean job. We were extremely satisfied with the whole overall experience of ABC and as a professional company ourselves, will be sure to recommend them! Thank you!”
- Mike, Brooklyn, NY
“Steven showed up on time to provide a free quote. He measured the space for the glass shower door, and drew up a blue print and explained everything to me right then and there. That evening he provided a quote via email, and 2 weeks later 3 men arrived on time and installed the door within 2 hours. They were fast, clean, friendly, and professional. Their price was middle of the road, which so far I’ve found is the best way to go. The shower door is beautiful, just what we wanted.”
- Victoria, Brooklyn, NY
“I had them to come out and give me an estimate. They had a catalogue to show me pictures different doors and they showed me some boxes with some samples for the glass. They were just great. They were on time and there wasn’t much to clean up. Price wise it was fine. I just really wanted it done. I will use them in the future.”
- Marisa, New York, NY
“Went well. The shower door is great.”
- Victor, New York, NY
“They were very good. They were very professional and they knew what they were doing. They were a little pricey but you get the quality and that’s what matters. We would recommend them. We normally have a difficulty finding a person we like and we could use again and that’s why we joined Angie’s List. They put the glass in the shower door. They did a really nice job. Though it’s just a piece of glass it looks nice. They came in with real confidence and they knew what they were talking about. Some people didn’t even know which side the door should open. They were very knowledgeable; they measured and commented on what they might have to do a little differently because of the way our bathroom was handled. They recommended one glass pane and one glass door and we are happy with them. They also came back and treated on it. They are tied up with one of the big companies I think but I am not sure. I think they are pretty good. They were a little pricey but I think they were not too far off from everybody else. I got the satisfaction that it was done well and they knew what they were doing. When they came back it was only because the door wouldn’t close completely. They claimed it was the panel but they did some fitting in the hinge and that fixed it. They didn’t charge me for that and they didn’t take too long to come out for that. I appreciate that but I think it was part of the cost because they were a little pricey. It was not too far off from everybody else. “
- Bonny, Brooklyn, NY
“It went very well, Steven responded to my phone call promptly, we set up an appointment, he came and measured the area to be enclosed, e-mailed a quote with drawing, and the installation was done in two weeks as promised.”
- Ines, New York, NY
” It took only one phone call to get an appraisal appointment days later, and the appraiser suggested that replacement of the hinge gaskets and their re-adjustment would be plenty to address the problem, and 1/4 the cost of replacing the door. A second appointment was set for just a few days later and, the repairs and adjustments were completed in less than 90 minutes. From beginning to end, ABC performed promptly, efficiently and professionally, and each interaction (phone, appraiser, and two repairmen) was friendly, courteous, and transparent. I’d use these folks again in a minute.”
- Stanley, New York, NY
“The quality of service was very good, the installers were professional and skilled. I had confidence that they knew what they were doing by their steadiness throughout the installation. There cleaned up after themselves and were attentive to my questions. The quality of the door (1 month later) seems very good and I am happy with the investment. At first I was a little surprised at the cost given the stock size and small shower opening but after pricing around at other local places, ABC turned out to be among the least costly. The one small knock would be the length of time it took from order to installation (5 weeks) where a representative came to measure the opening one week lafter placing order (measured correctly) and it took 4 weeks for the door to be manufacturered and installed. Otherwise, I am happy with the work performed, quality of the glass and hinges.”
- Robert, Queens, NY
“Great experience, did what they were supposed to and the bill was the same as the estimate. They did extra mirrors for closet doors because they were so easy and efficient,”
“From start to finish, they were prompt and professional and delivered excellent service. The owner of the company came to our apartment to take measurements and give us an estimate. He suggested a specific product that would fit with the overall look of our space. It then took about 10 days for the screens to arrive at their offices, at which point two workers came to our apartment to do the installation. We couldn’t be happier with the results. It was a bit pricey, but I’ve had friends that purchased similar, cheaper screens from other companies and had issues with water leaks. Definitely recommended.”
- Michael, Brooklyn, NY
“Very competitive price. A year later, when the caulking began to leak, they came back and fixed the leak, free of charge, no complaints. The installation was efficient. When estimating, they came early, gave realistic expectations and advice. I recommend them to all my friends, and look forward to using them again!”
- Dan, New York, NY
“Went very well I LOVE the shower doors, free estimate, decent price for what I got and customer service seems great so far.”
- Kimberly, Brooklyn, NY
“Good. They did screw up a minor thing – the door didn’t shut all the way, so they came back and installed a piece of framing at the foot of the door. The piece didn’t match my finish (they didn’t currently have it in stock) and they said they’d come back and swap it out but forgot. I called 6 months later to remind them and they promptly came and fixed it. In general, they have excellent customer service, and the job came with a lifetime guarantee on both parts and labor. Price was about the same as other contractors I contacted (about 4 in all).”
- Carrie, Brooklyn, NY
“Steve………our Client made a point of telling me what a fantastic job your Guy had done with the above service call. Thanks for the attention, as usual.”
John Priber – Faro Architectural Interiors
“Thank you very much for the way you handled my calls, you have been particularly helpful and efficient – I am impressed with my dealings with ABC Showerdoors and should I get the opportunity shall certainly recommend the site to friends / family”
- Mrs. Spanno, Brooklyn
“Thanks for your prompt reply and a massive thanks for organizing delivery so soon, ABC Showerdoors, you’re a star!”
- Mr. Thomas, New Jersey
“Thanks again, nice to have such prompt replies, so many companies just don’t seem to care once you’ve bought the product”
- Mr. Fontaine, Staten Island
“Many thanks, I would just like to take the opportunity to say that I was recommended to your site by a friend who I believe bought quite a number of products from you. She was very complimentary and I have to say that I too found your service to be very good indeed. Customer service is very important and I feel that you have been extremely helpful and efficient. I’ll certainly recommend you if the opportunity arises”
- Ms Romano, Connecticut
“I would like to thank you for all your help with the shower door which you had installed a few weeks ago in my house. I really appreciate all the hard work and research in finding the right sandblaster to fit my needs. The design looks amazing and the shower was installed beautifully by your staff. We all thank you for the extra time and effort it took to get this wonderful result.”
- The Eiskowitz Family, Bellmore, NY